Graphic Design

Melody Hirsch

Art Director | Graphic Designer | Maker of Thin

Hello there! I am a curiosity driven creative who loves crafting cultural resonance for brands, reinventing outdated visual languages, and working in both digital & physical spaces. My mission is to build positive, impactful designs that emphasize the role of emotion and human connection.

Let’s build something great together!

Creative Direction for a Creative Podcast

Brand design, podcast cover, website and social assets for Origin Story, a podcast that interviews creatives about their journey.

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Holding Hands
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Artboard 1@4x 20
Black On Yellow
Artboard 2 Copy
Ntk Chain2

Branding for a Progressive City Attorney Campaign

Creative direction, marketing and website.

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Hey 911
Vinyl Record Psd Mockup
The Voyeur

An Abstract Visual Assembly for a Hot Summer Album

Album and single release branding

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Frame 25

Ongoing Personal Project

There is a great sense on despair in facing the climate crisis alone. In this ongoing personal project I am exploring the need for an app in building stronger communities around climate resilience.

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Launching a Shape-Shifting Design Studio

Strategy, Creative Direction, Web Design and assets for a brand launch.

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Launching a Cider Brand in Duluth Minnesota

Started by a group of friends who met at summer camp, this brand thrives on bringing people together, celebrating the outdoors and protecting what’s wild.

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Designs for a modern vet clinic

Brand and digital pitch asset

Go ahead, spill the tea

Creative direction planning and layout for a brand-focused spring catalog, featuring bold flavor and a light attitude.

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Bringing New Life to a Neighborhood Institute.

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3 dimensional mural design for T-Mobile. See Project at House of Sorcery

Series of patch designs to be turned into a larger-than-life 3D installation at Amazon. See project on House of Sorcery

Paint By Numbers Mural Design for Amazon.

See project at House of Sorcery

Poster for Gavin Turek, Capitol Hill Block Party 2018.

Packaging and photo art direction for Collins Chicago.

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Launching a Pop-Up Bakery with a Paired-Down Scope

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From The Grounds Up

Brand positioning and logo work for an innovative french press company.

DataCloud logo with Know the Rock text below an image of a mining site.

Digging into the future of mining. A refreshed brand and set of assets for DataCloud.

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Poster for Capitol Hill Block Party 2019.

Series of illustrations and animations for a custom presentation.

Illustration and custom type for Alleycat Acres

Concept for a State Department Rebrand.

Washington State Ferries (WSF) has become an icon of the region. With maintaining commuter ridership as its main goal, the ferry system needed a rebrand to highlight the reliability and comfort it provides.

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Illustrations done under House of Sorcery

A series of posters for Afrocop's recurring show at Vito's

A series of conceptual illustrations for Electric Coffin's Exhibit Discover + Disrupt at The Center for Architecture and Design

A custom hand drawn typeface celebrating life in the desert.

Conceptual magazine, featuring strong feminine stories.

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Tile floor graphic rendering for T-Mobile.

Pattern and product designs for Thule to help celebrate their annual City to Summit event.