Pinky Up 2018 Wholesale Catalog

Print Design | Photo Direction | Layout

This was Pinky Up's second ever catalog, targeted primarily at gift channel customers who shop more specifically by brand, and are more interested in collections rather than specific items. Maintaining the messy, girly energy of the brand while keeping the layout easy and exciting to browse made this project extra fun.

Duration 3 months
Roles Layout | Photo Direction
Tools InDesign | Photoshop
Collaborators Angela Ciccu
Photo Styling

Having the ability to collaborate with our in house photography studio made this project extra special. The Pinky Up brand is all about being girly and having fun. So we made sure to bring that across in photo styling as well.


We focused the layout around Pinky Up's tagline "have your tea and drink it too". With two sections, one featuring the actual tea, and the other featuring accessories.

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