Wild State Cider

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Local breweries are booming in Duluth MN, and with that, a new cider scene is emerging. Wild State Cider contacted us to help open their new business, and bring a sense of place to their brand. Entering a new competitive field in Duluth, with other small batch breweries and cideries in the neighborhood, they needed to stand out and get people in the door. We set out to create a friendly brand, one that any Minnesotan could relate to and be excited about. For the target market we honed in on the outdoorsy side of Duluth, the trail runners and the weekend adventurers, letting us focus the brand on the wild side of Minnesota.

Duration 4 months
Roles Branding | Logo Design | Packaging
Tools Illustrator | 2019 FDA regulations |
Collaborators Nick King
Establishing the Brand

Starting this project, the client already had a strong vision, with a large amount of research and planning under his belt. The first step we took was to make sure we were aligned, and that we were hearing him and translating that research planning into a cohesive visual. We showed a set of visual territories that we thought fit in with his vision, and discussed what his brand would look like if it were a park bench or a canoe poster.

Logo Creation

Logo Sketching was an important step for this project. There would be a lot of elements to come, but the logo, would help define the over all direction.

The stacked animals spoke to the sense of friendliness and togetherness that the brand was reaching for, while the archway, which was also a physical part of their building, became a symbol that all are welcome.

Can Design

The ultimate deal breaker for any product is it's shelf presence. We wanted to insure that Wild State had a clear and easy to digest label that still expressed it's personality, and was easily expandable as they came out with more flavors.

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